Automated Crypto Trading Bots

The BooF crypto trading bots was an idea birthed at the end of 2021 after a frustrating foray into the trading scene. Traders spend their time analyzing trends and make trades based on both mathematical predictions and social sentiment. The bots they design are based around the same concepts, and they work well when those parameters are met.

Unfortunately for you and me, we aren't seasoned traders or statistical mathematicians. We're normal people that want to make a bit of money with our savings, but do not have the time to enter a new field of expertise.

And thus the idea of BooF Bots was born. To create automated programs that aim to make a profit on the short term fluctuations of the crypto market with zero oversight after the initial setup, and then make them available to everyone.

BooF Bots is currently running as a free service. If you feel that the service provided is worth something please drop us a donation. This donation will help maintain and improve the service, as well as keep my wife from murdering me. Head over to the profile page to submit your API key and make any donations you feel is fair.

Logging in with your Google account simply verifies your identity, only when submitting a LUNO API key will your account be created.

To be clear, BooF Bots does not offer any investment advice or trade in Crypto currencies directly. We simply offer a Crypto price tracking and signalling service, one that sends buy/sell signals to your existing LUNO account based on the parameters you supply.

BooF operates on your LUNO account. Your investment never leaves your direct control, nor are there commissions or trading fees above LUNO's own fees.

Read about our different bots and their trading strategies here:

Meet the Bots

Because our bots operate on your LUNO account, they need permission to trade on your account. This permission is given via an API key.

Before you start using our bots, do your own research! The bots do exactly what it says they do, but profit cannot be guaranteed.

Read about the LUNO API key, and the dangers here:

Beware the Dangers

Read about what we're currently working on and future plans

What does the Future hold