What does the Future hold?

Roadmap for future BooF

This project is constantly being refined, from designing the UI for the website to optimizing our bots.


  • Add Fund Balance bias based on Long Term Trend and Social Sentiment for the Re-Balance Bot(Coming Soon!)
  • Add Buy/Sell bias based on Medium Term Trend for the Re-Balance Bot(Coming Soon!)
  • Add Swing Adjustment based on short term trends for Alt-Balance Bot(Coming Soon!)
  • Increase OAuth providers
  • Increase Payment Providers
  • Add optional Alt-Coins for the Alt-Balance Bot(As LUNO makes them available)
  • Refine Website UI/UX


  • Removed HODL accounts, as redundant
  • Change Alt-Balance Bot's balancing scheme to balance to an avg base rather than against another coin, as it more effectively captures profit and lessens trading costs(similar to the Re-Balance Bot's scheme)

In Discussion:

  • Develop 3rd trading bot based on AI and predictive models.
  • Finding more un-supervised trading strategies.
  • Option to connect Re- and Alt-Balance Bots via shared BTC account