Make Money and be Rich!

You just need to give me access to your account!

This is not a scam, I promise

. . . Sounds like a scam right? Well it could easily be, by giving an API key with the wrong permissions to the wrong person, you are giving them full access to you LUNO account which they will then swipe clean. So be very carefull when creating a LUNO API key!


Below we will discuss the steps to create the API key as well as the different permissions and which ones to and not to include when creating a new key. But to be extra secure, do your own research as well!

For reference, here is the link to LUNO's API documentation


Firstly, you'll need a LUNO account to log into. Once logged in on your desktop go to your Profile page.

This process must be on your desktop PC, not mobile app. You cannot create an API key on the app.


Select security.


Then API keys


Create API key


Select the drop down menu


Choose Custom option


Enter any name for the key, and select the following options:

  • View Balance
  • Create addresses
  • Create orders
  • View transactions
  • View addresses
  • View orders

Here are the options' meanings:

  • View balance

Allows access to the account balance

  • Send to any address

Send crypto to any wallet. Do not select this option

  • Create addresses

Create new wallet (on your account)

  • Create withdrawals

Withdraw from your account, Again, do not allow me to withdraw from your account!

  • Create beneficiaries

This one is self explanatory

  • View staking

Staking is Crypto jargon for investing for interest

  • View transactions

View your completed buy/sell orders

  • View addresses

View your wallet addresses

  • View orders

View your open buy/sell orders

  • View withdrawals

Should I really explain this?

  • View beneficiaries


  • View transfers

View transfers between differend wallets

  • Restrict IP address

Please do not select this one. It allows only specific servers access using this key, but I'm not going to share my IP address for security reasons.

  • Set Expiry Date

Again, do not select. Hopefully you will be happy with the bots and will use them indefinitely.

Once everything is set, please click "NEXT"


Here you need to copy the KEY ID as well as the SECRET to a separate document and save it. You cannot get your SECRET code if you lost it! It's also these two codes that you'll need to submit to BooF for the bots to access your account.


You'll receive a sms with a link on it. Click the link to approve the creation of your new API key. . .

and you're done!

Go to your Profile page on the BooF website and Click on the "Update API Key" button to submit your new API Key and Secret.

We will never share these codes, and they are stored on secure Google servers.